Wolverine Plush


Wolverines are solitary animals that keep to themselves and are a rare sighting in Glacier, in fact it is estimated that there are only around 300 left in the wild so if you spot one, consider yourself very lucky. These carnivores are extremely strong, have an incredible sense of smell, and their coat has adapted to be a thick, oily fur that is highly hydrophobic - their fur resists water similar to the feathers of a duck. Wolverines are the largest species of the weasel family and have evolved to be survivors in harsh climates. This plush is extra soft and cuddly and much less evasive than the real thing. 

Approximate Size: 7" tall, 15" long
Polyester, plastic pellets

Fill with recycled plastic water bottles

Proceeds from your purchase support critical projects and programs throughout Glacier National Park. Your purchase makes an impact!