Lynx Plush


Glacier National Park is home to the elusive Lynx, a wildcat species about twice the size of a house cat that is adapted to cold climate and needs deep snow for survival. In a recent study, 300 motion-sensitive cameras were set up across the park on trails and in remote backcountry areas to study the lynx population, learn more about the results here. Unlike other large cats, lynx have evolved to have natural snowshoes for feet to help them distribute their weight so they are able to stay on top of snow. This cute plush, like a real lynx, has markings in its fur and sports tufts of fur on the ears that help enhance their hearing. 

Approximate Size: 10" tall
Polyester, plastic pellets

Fill with recycled plastic water bottles

Proceeds from your purchase support critical projects and programs throughout Glacier National Park. Your purchase makes an impact!