Glacier Sun Road Package


We took the guess work out of planning your trip to Glacier with a carefully curated set of resources centered around all things Going-To-The-Sun Road. This 4 piece set includes the books, Going-To-The-Sun Road: Glacier National Park's Highway To The Sky and Geology Along Going-To-The-Sun Road as well as a Going-To-The-Sun Road Driving & Biking Guide and a bonus exclusive digital download, Glacier Behind The Scenes Audio. 


Going-To-The-Sun Road: Glacier National Park's Highway To The Sky gives you a glimpse into the history of the iconic 50 mile scenic road and the 20 years it took to complete the construction, complete with photography documenting the history.

Geology Along Going-To-The-Sun Road is a colorful and lively book allowing you to take a self-guided tour learning about the geological events that created the majestic scenery you will find in Glacier, including and easy to read map and 21 stops to make along your journey. 

The Going-To-The-Sun Driving & Biking Guide will be your favorite sidekick for your trip to Glacier! No trip is complete without driving the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road and this guide will lead you to all of the best stops along the way to make sure you get the best pictures and see all of the iconic sights along the way. 

As a bonus, we have included a digital download of Glacier Behind The Scenes Audio, a unique audio experience that gives you an insider look into the park, bringing you closer to the history and culture of Glacier; these 2-4 minute audio clips are full of fun facts, resources for further research and activity suggestions. 


Please Note: You will be shipped 3 physical items and we will email you the instructions and a code to access Glacier Behind The Scenes Audio

*The Going-To-The-Sun Driving & Biking Guide is the newest version, the version in the product photo is the old edition.*


Proceeds from your purchase support critical projects and programs throughout Glacier National Park. Your purchase makes an impact!