The Father of Glacier National Park


Discoveries and explorations in his own words, this is a compilation of George Bird Grinnell's writings, put together by his cousin Hugh Grinnell.

George Bird Grinnell was a prolific writer and record-keeper. After a long day’s hunt or exploration, he diligently made time in camp for meticulous journal entries. With his small group of explorers, he discovered and named forty geological features east of the Continental Divide and west of the Blackfeet Reservation. As a result, he wrote a series of articles about his trips from 1885 to 1898 for publication in Forest and Stream. In 1891, he began advocating to protect the area as a national park and led that charge for nearly two decades until successful. His discoveries, publications and leadership led to the creation of Glacier National Park. Cousin Hugh Grinnell compiles first-person narratives from unpublished journal entries, personal correspondence and dozens of articles to tell the early story of Glacier.

Forward written by John Taliaferro
208 pages

This was the July 2020 Glacier National Park Conservancy Book Club selection. Watch the Zoom book club discussion with author Hugh Grinnell here.


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