Glacier Educational Coloring Book


Glacier National Park Educational Coloring Book

*Moonbeam Gold Medal Children's Book Award winner!* 

You'll need the Glacier Color Pencils to complete this book!

Written and Illustrated by Becca Snyder

Feel free to participate in the FREE COLOR CLUB. Fun for the whole family!

48 pages plus cover

8.5'' X 11" (portrait)

100# high quality paper

Comments from Illustrator - The National Park Service has identified the need to connect children with parks as one of the top five critical issues facing our national parks. In October 2019, I spent 5 weeks living in Montana and working on a project for the official fundraising partner for Glacier National Park, Glacier National Park Conservancy, with the goal of expanding their youth retail offerings to get kids excited about exploring Glacier.

After discovering they didn’t sell/own any Glacier coloring books for kids, I saw a hole in the market with untapped potential. I decided to create a book that not only provides 48 pages to color but also serves as a field guide and educational tool that highlights the need for the landscape and wildlife of Glacier to be respected and preserved.