Going-to-the-Sun Road Silver Bracelet


A new custom design for the Glacier Conservancy, featuring the Going-to-the-Sun Road where you can easily spot Oreamnus americanus, the Rocky Mountain goat.

The length of this cuff is 5.75". All cuffs are adjustable as they can be opened up or squeezed tighter.

Finish: Matte Silver

The etched piece is electroplated with 500 micro-inches (µin) of sterling silver, a slight oxidation and a protective finish. Most silver plate is just 10 to 20 µin thick, making this at least 25 times thicker! This process is a nickel free process. The result is a gorgeous matte super durable silver finish. Take care of your piece just like any other silver jewelry you have. Keep it a cool dry airtight box or bag. You can use a silver polishing cloth or sterling silver cleaner but all you really need is a clean soft cloth. Lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium-free.

Made in Montana