Fish Of The Rockies


The Rockies are known worldwide for their sparkling clear lakes and fast-flowing rivers and streams. Fish are the unknown denizens of the deep, darting among shore vegetation or lurking in the vast depths. The fish found in the Rocky Mountains range from the large Lake Sturgeon to the tiny Red Shiner, and from the hardy Fathead Minnow to the sensitive Bull Trout. This engagingly illustrated book describes the life histories of 68 of the most common or interesting species, and an additional 53 species are described briefly in an appendix. Tips are provided on how to identify and view these amazing fishes, along with conservation issues and maps indicating the best fishing holes in each state and province. Naturalists, fishwatchers, students and avid anglers will find this book very helpful.

by Michael G. Sullivan, David L. Propst, and Willaim R. Gould. 223 pages, color.   

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