Climb Glacier National Park Vol 5: St Mary, Cut Bank, and Marias Pass


The areas featured in this volume spread from St Mary to Goat Lick at the southern end of Glacier. The 30 peaks featured offer a variety of experiences from isolated climbs to a few of Glacier’s iconic peaks. After two major years of fires the Climb Glacier team made it to the tops of all these fantastic peaks. These peaks require a lot more commitment to reach the summits but the are so worth the effort.

Featured peaks: Otokomi, Singleshot, East Flattop, Goat Mountain, Mt Jackson, Fusillaide, Little Chief, Mahtotopa, Red Eagle, Divide, White Calf, Kupunkamint, Amphitheater, Mt James, Triple Divide, Norris, Razoredge, Medicine Grizzly, Mad Wolf, Eagle Plume, Bad Marriage, The Mummy, Skeleton, Summit, Little Dog, Elk  Mountain, Mt Shields, Snowslip, Running Rabbit, and Scalplock.

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