Climb Glacier National Park Vol 2: Two Medicine Valley and Firebrand Pass


Following on the heels of the first volume of Climb Glacier National Park, volume two features another popular area for beginning and intermediate climbers to discover.

Use this guidebook to summit 22 peaks while enjoying fantastic views in the Two Medicine Valley and Firebrand Pass areas of Glacier.

Blake Passmore is the author of Montana’s best-selling guidebook in 2011 “Climb Glacier National Park, Vol 1”. He has been climbing in northwest Montana since childhood. He is frequently found sharing his passion with his family and friends. Now it’s your turn to explore Glacier National Park!

Featured Peaks: Calf Robe, Red Crow, Dancing Lady, Bearhead, Ellsworth, Henry, Appistoki, Never Laughs, Painted Tepee, Grizzly, Rockwell, Sinopah, Lone Walker, Helen, Flinsch, Rising Wolf, and Morgan.