Camera Harness


If you like to carry you camera hiking, you know that it can sometimes be a challenge to wear your camera strap along with your backpack and not feel additional strain on your neck. The Nyack camera harness is going to be your new best friend for wearing your camera or binoculars while adventuring. The extra wide, flex fabric straps are designed to shift the weight of your camera off your neck and distribute it across your shoulders. The straps come together in back and loop through a durable and beautiful leather plate while the strong metal hooks swivel to allow flexibility in the way you use and wear your camera. The best part is the low-profile design of the harness that allows you to comfortably wear the harness under your backpack without getting in the way or feeling bulky. 

100% full grain leather, zinc alloy hardware, four-way flex elastic
Made in USA

Proceeds from your purchase support critical projects and programs throughout Glacier National Park. Your purchase makes an impact!