Arrowheads, Spears, Buffalo Jumps


Lauri Travis introduces readers to archaeology and sheds light on how field scientists find evidence of nomadic people and their lifestyle. Arrowheads, Spears and Buffalo Jumps takes readers on a journey about ancestors of today's Native Americans that populated the Great Plains about 14,000 years ago, around the same time the glaciers of the last Ice Age began to melt back to the north. Prehistoric people living on the dry plains east of the Rocky Mountains were hunters-gathers and they moved from place to place in search of animals to hunt and seeds, roots and berries to gather. Archaeologists have reconstructed the history of these people by studying old camp sites and tools made of stone and antler while researchers determine the age of arrowheads and what they were used to kill. Illustrations by Eric Carlson and photographs of artifacts and excavation sites provide visual context to take readers on an exploration of the sites and history throughout the book. 

92 Pages

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